Preparing to Launch

Telegram and nod32 key is a living platform. New features are constantly being introduced here. For example, rooms with the possibility of exclusively voice communication became the answer to the hype Clubhouse and were implemented in just a couple of weeks, to the needs of subscribers. Now all Android owners can feel the atmosphere of the Clubhouse without leaving Telegram.

In addition, updates are constantly being rolled out, new functions are being added, new bots are being created that make it easier to manage sites within the messenger. So, since 2020, the ability to fasten chats with discussions for specific posts for subscribers has been added.

Of course, before launching and promoting a Telegram channel, you need to choose a format and think over a content plan for it. You also need to decide on the type of site. The application offers two basic formats:

group – everyone can write, no more than 200 thousand participants;
channel – only the admin writes, the number of subscribers is not limited.
Transferring a group to a channel or vice versa will not work, so immediately select the desired format. We will not write about the design and content. Let’s just give a little advice: Telega has a rather peculiar search, so add keywords on your topic to the name or description of the telegram channel in order to have a chance to get into a short issue consisting of only a few links. This should help with attracting new, free subscribers.

Various bots will definitely come in handy, which provide a full palette of tools for working with the application: from layout of posts and placement of beautiful buttons along with text to collecting statistics on individual indicators.