How to tag a friend on Instagram in the comments

In a previous post, I talked about how to tag people on instagram stories. Now we’ll figure out with you how to mark a friend on Instagram in the comments.

Comments play a huge role in promoting the social network instagram, so people’s marks will be relevant in them, but you need to be able to use all the tools in this application.

Why do I need to tag a friend in the comments?
Why are friends tagged in Instagram comments? – This is mainly done to expand your audience and make your account more active. If the profile is a commercial direction, then its goals are appropriate.

It is by marking such pages that they attract an additional audience to their account, and then to the necessary resource, for example, a store.

It should be borne in mind that such a function as marking a friend (person) on Instagram is free, for this reason some Instagrammers use it quite successfully.

Tagging your friends will give you the following prerogatives on instagram:

If you are participating in a competition that is accordingly held in this social network.
In order for your friend or girlfriend to pay attention and view exactly the record in which you marked them.
To contact your friends or post a question to which you want to get an answer.
Specialists in a particular field are often noted. For example, let’s say you started going to the gym and tagged a trainer in your comment. It’s the same with beauty salons, shops, and more.
To address a friend or girlfriend.

It should be borne in mind that in terms of marks in the comments according to statistics, commercial pages are in the lead.

Many people ask how to tag friends on Instagram in the comments. – Yes, just like a friend, there is no difference.

Now we turn to the main question, marks in practice in pictures.