How to host an Instagram webinar

A webinar is an online training seminar where users can ask you questions and get answers to them in real time. But it is important for us to know how to conduct an Instagram webinar effectively and efficiently.

The Instagram social networking platform allows such sessions to be held online for anyone who has a high-quality Internet connection and a modern smartphone.

Instagram webinars help us attract clients to coaching, consulting, promotion and sales businesses. They can also be helpful for fitness trainers, beauty professionals, and designers.

A successful webinar is live communication that increases customer loyalty. You can conduct a webinar using Instagram using simple rules.

Set the right time
If you don’t have a business account yet, it’s time to start one. Your job is to track when users are most active. You can’t do it yourself, entrust it to the administrators on Instagram, they will help you out. For money, of course. 🙂

There are no universal rules, however, from observations of real projects, the following conclusions can be drawn:

In the evening, at 21-22 o’clock local time, those who use Instagram for entertainment purposes are active.
At 11-12 noon, freelancers studying on Instagram, bloggers, as well as students and youth are active.
Around 3 pm is the peak consumption of entertainment content, but this time is not suitable for webinars. People are at work or school, watching videos is often not convenient.

Prepare your audience in advance
Just broadcasting a few times throughout the day is a good option to increase your blog’s reach, but not to bring active people to your webinar. You can use the following methods to prepare your audience:

• Vkontakte chat bots that will send out reminders and links to your audience. The method works if you have a Vkontakte group, and the target audience is collected there too, and not only on Instagram.
• Regular announcement posts. Do not be limited to a vivid picture of the time of the webinar. Tell in the text what a person will be able to take away from the answers to the questions, indicate the topic, do not make too “broad” webinars about anything, their information content tends to zero.

It’s important to know!

If you are a young blogger or a recent Instagram runner, you may need targeted ads for your webinar to bring people in. The cost of one user can vary from 2 to 40 rubles, depending on the niche, and the conversion will depend only on you and your skills.

Learn to speak clearly
There is nothing worse than a webinar in which the host mumbles, jumps from topic to topic, and does not answer questions. Is that worse than only a webinar with a bunch of “selling slogans” and calls to come to a paid information course.

The main criterion for traffic and user attention is content. Yes, you need to prepare for the webinar. Your speech should cover the topic indicated in the advertisement from all sides. And you shouldn’t ignore audience questions.

Usually, if there are no more than 20-30 people in a room, it is convenient to answer questions immediately, as they arise.